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Fighting Fantasy author's RPG Sorcery! re-imagined for and released on iOS for £2.99

You should choose to own this adventure.

Ye olde book-based role-playing series Sorcery!, written by Fighting Fantasy legend Steve Jackson, has been digitally re-imagined for iOS and released today for £2.99.

Developer inkle has turned book into game, implementing a story rewritten on the fly based on the adventure you choose. There's a new interactive map drawn by a Wizards of the Coast artist, there's touch-based sword fighting with dynamic illustrations and descriptions, there's new character art and there's music to accompany your tale.

It's all handled beautifully, judging by the first few minutes I played. Subtle animations bring the text adventure to life, and it's easier to slip into than the bizarrely brilliant King of Dragon Pass.

This, The Shamutani Hills, is Part 1 of 4. The second part, Kharé: Cityport of Traps, is apparently "coming soon".

Worth a punt, say I.

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