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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Sorcery, Dr Who and Ghost Recon on PlayStation Store

Dalek table.

PlayStation Move game Sorcery, two-player scrolling action game Dr Who: The Eternity Clock and huge new squad-based shooter Ghost Recon: Future Soldier dominate the PlayStation Store today.

"Jill, Jill - there's a man with a cocked leg in here!"

Sorcery's a lovely fantasy Move game for a younger audience. You become a sorcerer's apprentice and must flourish your wand to produce spells by waving the Move controller around - a mechanic that works brilliantly. Bit thin to hold an adult's attention, mind you. Eurogamer's Sorcery review has more.

Dr Who: The Eternity Clock spearheads a new gaming push by the BBC. The game's been developed in collaboration with Supermassive Games, and Eurogamer'sDr Who: The Eternity Clock preview liked what it saw. Don't expect a world beater, but do expect big ideas and big heart. "A little like the [TV] show itself, then," Eurogamer's Martin Robinson wrote.

Eurogamer recommends Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - our review of which was published yesterday. From the PlayStation Store, the game costs £50 - but that's for the Signature Edition that costs £45 in shops. That's not bad.

Codemasters' new arena smash-and-crash racing game DiRT: Showdown arrives on PSN this week for £40.

Both Ghost Recon and DiRT unlock on Friday.

There are demos of Batman: Arkham City, Ridge Racer Unbounded and Sorcery, too.

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