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Dirt 4 announced, and it's out this year

Buggies and procedurally generated tracks feature in Codemasters' latest.

Dirt 4 is finally official, and it's coming out this June for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Codemasters' off-road game is the first proper Dirt sequel since 2011's Dirt 3, though of course since then we've had the brilliant Dirt Rally and the not quite so brilliant Dirt Showdown.

Dirt 4 seems to be building on the success of 2015's Dirt Rally, with a focus on realism as well as a little extra accessibility thrown in to boot. It'll carry the official FIA World Rallycross Championship license, including settings such as Lohéac Bretagne, Hell, Holjes & Lydden Hill, while it'll also introduce dirt track racing in buggies, trucks and crosskarts.

Cover image for YouTube videoDiRT 4: the announcement [UK]

For more traditional rally, Dirt 4 boasts five locations - Australia, Spain, Michigan, Sweden and Wales - and a curious new feature dubbed 'Your Stage' which lets players choose their setting and define parameters before the game churns out a procedurally generated stage which can then be shared with friends. A career mode that takes in all the various disciplines also features, alongside improved multiplayer and cross-platform leaderboards.

We'll hopefully have more on Dirt 4 for you in the near future, and of course there's not too long to wait until it's actually out. The release date is currently set for 9th June on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.