Sorcery Review

Wand direction.

VideoSorcery gameplay footage details story

PlayStation 3-exclusive finally due later this month.

VideoNew Sorcery trailer shows off story, gameplay

PS3 Move adventure casts its spell.

Key events

80 Days dev dates Sorcery! for PC and Mac

I have a good Inkle-ing about this.

80 Days dev gives Sorcery! 3 iOS and Android release date

The penultimate adaptation of Steve Jackson's 1980s book series.

Steve Jackson's Sorcery! Part 2 out 7th November

A lovely adaptation of those age-old adventure books.

Sorcery! Part 2 due late Sep/early Oct on iOS

With nearly twice as much content.

FeatureYou are the hero: A history of Fighting Fantasy

Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone on creating a page-turning legend.

Steve Jackson's Sorcery! screenshots

He of Fighting Fantasy fame.

Sorcery Review

Wand direction.

VideoSorcery waves its wand in new trailer

PS Move game out next week.

Sorcery first PSN game available to pre-buy

PlayStation Store adds pre-order option.

VideoSorcery gameplay footage details story

PlayStation 3-exclusive finally due later this month.

FeatureSorcery Preview: The Wanderer Returns

Sony's long lost Move adventure is conjured up at last.

VideoNew Sorcery trailer shows off story, gameplay

PS3 Move adventure casts its spell.

Sony explains PS Move Sorcery "re-tooling"

"There were some things we weren't happy with."

PlayStation Move game Sorcery still alive

Fully playable next month.

Sony: Sorcery "still in development"

M.I.A. Move adventure lives.


Move-enabled wizarding.


It's a kind of magic.