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Sony: Sorcery "still in development"

M.I.A. Move adventure lives.

Sorcery, the promising Move-enabled action adventure title Sony showed off at E3 last year, is still in development, the publisher has confirmed.

Nothing has been said of the title since its initial announcement and it was noticeable in its absence from Sony's E3 line-up this year, leading to speculation that it might have been canned. Not so, it seems.

When pressed for an update by Dealspwn, Sony PR exec Hugo Bustillos responded, "Yes, Sorcery is still in development."

Still no word on exactly when we'll get to see it though. A post on developer The Workshop's official site back in February read "Development for 'Sorcery' is in full-swing. We're really excited on the progress so far."

Eurogamer's Keza MacDonald came away relatively impressed when she saw the game in action last year.

"Sorcery is only slightly more than a concept demo at the moment, but it's clearly got the potential to be a more creative and accessible wizardry game than anything the Harry Potter licence has offered up so far. It's also evidence of that Move is squaring up strongly to face the competition," read her Sorcery preview.

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