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Sorcery release date announced


PlayStation Move exclusive Sorcery launches in Europe on 23rd May 2012, Sony has announced.

Sorcery, which requires Sony's motion controller to play, releases in the US a day earlier, on 22nd May.

In December Sony announced a spring 2012 release window for the game, and revealed it had "re-tooled" the experience.

"Coming out of E3, we knew there were some things we weren't happy with," design director Brian Upton said at the time.

"We really wanted to re-tool the game's look, its world. We had the gameplay we wanted, but it just wasn't ready for public consumption."

The promising Move-enabled action adventure was first shown off at E3 in 2010. There was concern the game had been canned after it failed to turn up at E3 last year - prompting Sony to reassure PS3 owners it will still in development.

In Sorcery you play Finn, a sorcerer's apprentice "and a real hothead". He ventures into the realm of the dead, and, oh no, accidentally unleashes something "very, very bad".

Sorcery's motion controls, which see the player use the PS Move controller as a magical wand, are accessible, Upton said, helped by a God of War-style automated camera.

"The very first spell you learn, arcane bolt, is very simple to use because you just flick it forward. It's like throwing stuff at your enemy. As you keep using it, you start to realize its depth: you can curve bolts and arc bolts around obstacles. When you start using ice magic, you can slow down enemies, or freeze them repeatedly and smash them with another spell."

New screenshots are below.