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Skyrim Xbox 360: cleared cache may increase save game load times

Plus: install to hard-drive if you can.

Bethesda has advised Skyrim Xbox 360 players that clearing the game cache may increase save game load times.

In a note sent to press alongside copies of the game, Bethesda also advised Xbox 360 owners install the fantasy epic to their hard-drive where possible.

"Skyrim makes heavy use of caching to the hard-drive, and the initial load could take more time if the game is not fully cached already, or installed to the hard-drive," it said.

"Caching takes place over the normal course of gameplay, but can be cleared by playing other games or manually cleared in the Xbox Dashboard. Save game load times could also potentially take longer if the cache is cleared."

The install size of Skyrim on Xbox 360 is 3.8GB. A day one patch brings all versions of the open world fantasy game to version 1.1.

Eurogamer's Skyrim review cast a stonking 10/10. "It evokes a word that's overused in reviewing of all kinds: one that's best kept in the cellar in a plainly marked box and reserved only for the most special of occasions," wrote reviewer John Bedford. "For Skyrim though, I'd like to blow the dust off it, open up the lid, and enjoy a masterpiece with you."

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