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Premier Manager 2012 PSN release date

Out next week. PC version late November.

Premier Manager 2012 launches on PlayStation Network next Wednesday, 9th November.

It costs £9.99 / €12.99. This is a discounted launch price - the full price is £13.99 / €17.99.

The PC download version launches late November. A boxed retail release will follow.

Premier Manager 2012 is described as a pick-up-and-play football management game, with an "easy-to-navigate" interface, a "huge" team/player database, league and cup competitions from top footballing nations and an "accurate" tactical match engine.

Premier Manager 2012 is published by Urbanscan, a new digital publisher set up by Ian Stewart, founder of Gremlin Graphics.

It features RPG-style leveling up of characters and a new memory system that allow players and staff to remember your decisions.

"This latest 2012 edition of the legendary football management sim is the best we've ever made," said director of Urbanscan Ian Stewart.

"Premier Manager 2012 presents football fans with an authentic, easy-to-play and in-depth experience of the beautiful game at a great price."