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Games industry votes Apple as biggest influence

Sorry Nintendo, sorry Miyamoto, sorry PS1.

Apple has had a bigger impact on video games than Nintendo or PlayStation 1.

That's according 1000 people working within the video games industry, who filled out a London Games Conference survey ahead of its start (10th November).

The top five people that have shaped video games are, apparently, Steve Jobs (26 per cent), Gabe Newell (16 per cent), Shigeru Miyamoto (seven per cent), Tim Berners-Lee (four per cent) and Mark Zuckerberg (three per cent).

A considerable 46 per cent of voted Steve Jobs somewhere in a top-five position.

The top five products to have shaped video games are, apparently, iPhone (17 per cent), Wii (seven per cent), Xbox Live (three per cent), PlayStation 1 (three per cent) and Steam (two per cent).

There must have been a wide spread of results for the top-five entrants to have such a low percentage of votes.

Incidentally, iPhone was voted as a top-five product by 53 per cent of survey participants.

Did Steve Jobs passing away in early October, and the arrival of iPhone 4S, in any way skew results? Perhaps. But Apple, and the man that fronted it, have proven troublesome for Nintendo's 3DS, and may also present a problem to Sony's PlayStation Vita. Whether that threat will continue into the living room, and to PlayStation and Xbox, remains to be seen.

Mobile gaming has been firmly established by Apple's iOS devices and the App Store.