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Iron Brigade release date announced, finally

Double Fine's latest out this month.

Double Fine's delayed action/strategy effort Iron Brigade launches its assault on Xbox Live Arcade from 30th November, the developer has announced.

The game launched in the US this summer as Trenched, though a trademark dispute then held up the European launch.

The game will now be renamed in all territories, and comes with an extra batch of content as a make-up offering.

"European players had to wait so long for this game, we wanted to make it up to them with awesome new features," commented project lead Brad Muir.

"We added a brand new, incredibly challenging infinite Survival Mode with ten new pieces of high-powered loot, along with a new leaderboard to track players on this Survival Mission."

Muir explained why the name change took so long to process earlier this week, blaming Microsoft red tape for the wait.

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