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Double Fine details Iron Brigade DLC

Still no word on European launch.

Double Fine's Xbox Live Arcade tower defence title Iron Brigade (formerly known as Trenched) will receive a new horde mode in a forthcoming DLC update.

The upcoming expansion is called Rise of the Martian Bear, Kotaku reports. Release date and pricing information is yet to be revealed.

Double Fine's latest title is still awaiting release in Europe after trademark issues forced the game to be delayed and re-named.

Iron Brigade was originally planned to launch in June as Trenched, before the creator of obscure Portuguese board game Trench intervened threatening copyright infringement, Eurogamer discovered.

In August, Microsoft re-confirmed Iron Brigade for Europe in September, but again the title failed to appear.

In the meantime, Double Fine has busied itself with the announcement of a PC version of adorable adventure title Costume Quest and fresh Steam/Mac ports of classic platformer Psychonauts.

Eurogamer has contacted Microsoft for word on Iron Brigade's European launch.

First screenshots from Iron Brigade DLC Rise of the Martian Bear lie below.

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