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Fans think Microsoft teasing Psychonauts 3

Raz-zle dazzle.

Over the weekend, Microsoft's Australian Xbox account shared a cryptic tweet, and this communication has led many to speculate a Psychonauts 3 announcement is imminent.

The tweet in question showed your typical naughts and crosses style grid layout, with the letters H, S, X, Y, X, O, C, X, P filling out the nine spaces.

"WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? No please seriously, someone help us out," the account teased.

Psychonauts 2 - The Motherlobe Edition: Announce TrailerWatch on YouTube

With a little bit of light reshuffling, these letters spell out PSYCHO XXX.

Now, if we assume that the Psycho part of the text denotes the naughts in this naughts and crosses game, we get, yes you guessed it, Psycho-naughts, or Psychonauts.

Then, it can be surmised that the remaining three Xs relate to the game number.

Put it all together, and you get Psychonauts 3 (either that, or some kind of Vin Diesel fronted Psycho spin-off, but what would Xbox want with that).

I suppose the team could also be teasing a remaster of the original game, or a collection of the previous Psychonauts entries. Either way, Microsoft has its Xbox Games Showcase on 11th June, so perhaps we will hear more about whatever it is that this tweet is hinting at then.

What do you hope Xbox has up its sleeve?

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