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Game of the Week: Battlefield 3 Multiplayer

A half of two games.

And that's your first week on the new Eurogamer. Eventful, wasn't it? We hope you're settling in OK.

It's not the first time, when asked to pick a game of the week, that I've faced a choice between lovingly restored nostalgia and flawed but compelling novelty. It's never an easy choice - and in the week we ourselves left five years' worth of familiarity and comfort behind in favour of our vision of the future, I guess it's an apposite one.

It's also a clash between what we grew up with and the reality of where things are today. It's always tempting to vote with your heart in these situations - especially when hype fatigue has been compounded by last-minute frustration - but a glance at the new Popular Now section of the homepage, at any point this week, would tell you where gamers' heads are currently at.

So, sorry, Daytona USA. We will always love you and you will always have a place in our hearts and on our site. As a brilliant version of a genuine milestone in racing game history, you deserve every decimal of the score Martin slapped on the end of his review.

"It's throwaway stuff that nevertheless inspires the widest of smiles," he wrote. "Daytona USA's... a sing-a-long classic - you know the words just as well as you know each swerve in the road."

Eurogamer has always been about celebrating what we love, and that will never change. But our new site is also about reflecting what you care about. We know what you'll all be doing this weekend, and we love it too - well, half of it.

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer

After the fight between new and old, here's conundrum number two: as games increasingly fragment into single and multiplayer components, how do you respond when half of a major release thrills you, and the other half leaves you cold?

For better or worse, one box and one price means one review, and Dan steered a steady course with his verdict on Battlefield 3. At the end of the day, you can't argue with a fantastic new version of one of our very favourite multiplayer games, and quite possibly the best multiplayer shooter on the market.

"If Battlefield was a superlative multiplayer game in previous incarnations, it's never been better than this," he wrote. "It's here where Battlefield's brutal and bloodied heart beats loudest, and it's here that players will inevitably spend most of their time. Shame, then, that the overall package is marred by a me-too campaign, filled with hollow bombast, and a co-op mode that feels undercooked."

Does that matter? Yes and no. We'd love to see Battlefield be truer to itself across every component, rather than chase Call of Duty's tail so nakedly. But it's still Battlefield where it matters, and where we'll spend by far the majority of our time with it. See you online.

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