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Catherine European release date narrowed

To come with special packaging Vincentive.

Offbeat adventure Catherine has had its European release window narrowed to next February, local publisher Deep Silver has revealed.

Both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Catherine will feature a special flip-cover, each side of which features one of the game's rival love interests.

The eye-catching puzzle-platformer has already launched to success elsewhere, with Japanese and US sales of the niche title totalling over 500,000. Developer Atlus previously announced the game was its most successful launch ever.

You play as Vincent, a man who must choose between settling down with Katherine his girlfriend, or chasing the alluring Catherine he finds himself waking up with after a night of partying. The game is punctuated by dream-like puzzle stages, where Vincent is pursued by demonic sheep-like creatures.

John Teti flocked to the US version, where he shepherded in a 9/10 score for Eurogamer's Catherine review:

"Catherine plays its eccentricities against its more down-to-earth side, which makes for a richer comic world than you might get from bizarro fare alone. The upshot is an experience that's both fun and provocative - a nightmare worth staying awake for," read his Catherine review.

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