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Bully, Catherine and Raskulls are getting Xbox One backwards compatibility today

Bully for you.

The Xbox One backwards compatible library continues to grow with three acclaimed Xbox 360 titles making the leap today.

In one corner we've got Bully Scholarship Edition, bringing Rockstar's high school hijinks sandbox to modern players.

In another corner, there's the Persona Team's surreal relationship puzzler Catherine, a game about a man whose troublesome romantic relationships may be turning him into a lamb. Do I have that right? It's probably time to play it again.

And finally there's puzzle platformer Raskulls, a 2010 XBLA offering from Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick.

In other Xbox One backwards compatibility news, Microsoft recently made cult-classic JRPG Lost Odyssey free for the remainder of the month to commemorate the cross-generational feature acquiring over 300 titles.

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Bully: Anniversary Edition

Android, iOS

Bully: Scholarship Edition

Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PC

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