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PSN game Rochard heading to Steam

Next week.

PlayStation Network puzzle platformer Rochard releases on Steam next week, developer Recoil Games has announced.

The side-scroller releases on Steam on 15th November for $9.99. It launched on PSN earlier this year.

"Rochard is a fun, original experience designed to test players' wits and coordination," said Samuli Syvähuoko, founder of Finnish indie Recoil Games.

"We're incredibly excited to bring this game to PC users, since it's a natural fit for gamers across consoles as well as on PC. We can't wait to see PC gamers take Rochard through his adventure and watch the fun ways they use the game's mechanics to manipulate gravity and solve all of the challenges and puzzles."

Eurogamer's Rochard review returned a 7/10. "Between the strangely absent humour and the ill-advised diversions into generic shoot-em-up territory, Rochard squanders enough of its potential to hold it back from something truly greatness," wrote Dan Whitehead.

"The tragedy is that this greatness can still be glimpsed, resulting in a game that invites passionate defence but never quite earns it."