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Rochard, Sideway: New York PSN dates

Sony bridging gap with XBLA?

Update: The European Rochard date has now been announced as 28th September. The game, to first on PS3 built on Unity, will cost €10.

Original story: PSN game Rochard will be released on 27th September, and PSN game Sideway: New York will be released on 11th October.

Those are US dates announced today by Sony Online Entertainment.

Another date revealed was 4th October for PSN game Payday: The Heist (part of Sony's rival Summer of Arcade program PlayStation Network Play). But we already know this will be released for Europe on 5th October.

Can we assume, then, that European releases of Rochard and Sideway will follow a day later?

Eurogamer wrote a Rochard preview back in March. It's a side-scrolling platform game with puzzles. You're astro miner John Rochard and you have a G-Lifter, a tool that can grab crates using a kind of electrical lasso. This mechanic forms the basis of the game.

Visually, Rochard looks a little bit like Team Fortress 2. Sony Online Entertainment said Rochard will cost $10.

Sideway: New York is another platform game, but this it's about a graffiti artist called Nox. He's sucked into a "twisted" graffiti world where he'll go up against his nemesis Spray. You'll need to use rooftops, drainpipes and graffiti to get around. Plus, there's hip-hop.

Sony Online Entertainment said Sideway: New York will cost $10.