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Sony: Only On PSN US only

But "majority of content" coming to Europe.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The recently announced Only On PlayStation Network programme is US only, Sony has told Eurogamer.

However, Sony pledged to bring the "majority" of the content to Europe.

"'The Only On PlayStation Network programme is for the SCEA region only," a Sony spokesperson told Eurogamer.

"However, we will be bringing the majority of the content to the SCEE audience, including Classic PS2 titles.

"We have numerous exciting offers that we will be introducing to PSN users throughout our region in the lead up to Christmas and look forward to sharing these with you."

Only On PSN is a new campaign designed to promote PlayStation Network exclusive games throughout October.

In the US, at least one exclusive PSN title will be released each week throughout the month, starting this Wednesday with Rochard.

In the US, the confirmed line-up is Eufloria and Rochard for this week and Sideway: New York for next.

And, in the US, this week will also see a selection of "rare classic" PlayStation 2 titles made available to download: God Hand, GrimGrimoire, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, Odin Sphere and Ring of Red.

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