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SpaceChem gets sandbox mode, price cut

Plus, schools get brainy indie gem for free.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Critically-lauded indie puzzler SpaceChem now has a new sandbox mode.

Available for download now via Steam, the new content lets you build your own molecule pipeline puzzles.

To celebrate the expansion, Zachtronics Industries has permanently lowered the game's price to £6.99.

What's more, schools can grab a license for the chemistry-fixated title free of charge until 31st January 2012 by emailing

A video game? In the class room? Surely not. Well, here's Zachtronic's explanation as to why teachers might be interested:

"As a solid entertainment title that also ties into real-world science and engineering, SpaceChem is unique because it is educational without falling into the trap of other 'educational games' that often forget to be fun," read a post on the game's website.

"While not a replacement for traditional instruction in the areas of computer programming and chemistry, SpaceChem can be used as: a reward that keeps students thinking; an opportunity to practice problem solving skills; an application for statistics using students' scores, with in-game histograms; a cross-curricular reinforcement tool; or a way to get students excited about computer programming and chemistry."

Take a look at Eurogamer's glowing 9/10 SpaceChem review for more on the title.

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