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SpaceChem free update details

Level editor! Challenges! Leaderboards!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eurogamer-loved atomic puzzler SpaceChem is getting an explosion of new content.

A level editor leads the free additions, and allows budding scientists to concoct their own research assignments and share them with others.

On top of that you'll find 12 new levels, leaderboards, Steam Achievements and puzzles hiding a Moustachiam Alloy unlockable for Team Fortress 2.

You can nab free SpaceChem update on Steam now. There should be an "Update Now" button in-game, too.

SpaceChem challenges you to create new compounds from a pile of silly old atoms. You'll need to correctly combine the right bits for the chemistry to take place.

John Teti awarded SpaceChem a prestigious 9/10 in his Eurogamer review. "Rather than sticking its fingers up your nostrils and dragging you where it wants you to go, SpaceChem tries an unorthodox approach: not doing that," he wrote. "The unspoken attitude is, "Look, we have faith that you'll see why this is cool, so just try it.""

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