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New Little King's Story Vita confirmed for Europe

First screenshots inside.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

PlayStation Vita game New Little King's Story will launch in Europe, Konami has confirmed.

The Marvelous Entertainment-developed roaming role-playing sequel to Wii game Little King's Story releases in 2012.

You play King Corobo, who must reclaim his kingdom from The Nightmare. You recruit isolated pockets of subjects into an army, using the Vita's touch-screen to control and arrange recruits, send them into battle or to search areas.

There's a day/night cycle, and the game world changes as your army grows, confidence returns to the land, and your subjects get back to their normal lives.

Little King's Story, released in 2009 in Europe, was an underappreciated Pikmin-esque strategy game.

Eurogamer's 2009 Little King's Story review waggled an 8/10.

"Little King's Story is not the best game you'll ever play," Ellie wrote. "It's repetitive, it's lacking in depth and it can feel slow and frustrating at times. Plus it's got some dodgy politics and a rubbish save system. But it's the best game I've played all year, and that includes Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad."

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