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Little King's Story HD remaster is coming to PC next week

The Wii's crowning achievement comes to Steam.

The 2009 darkly comic Wii cult classic Little King's Story is coming to PC on 5th August with updated graphics.

Cing and Town Factory's strategy game puts players in the crown of young King Corobo who has found himself suddenly in charge of his townsfolk. What he says goes, and Corobo wants to expand his kingdom the way kings do: by conquering neighboring territories.

Little King's Story may look cutesy on the surface, but it's a quietly grim game about colonisation. Director Yoshiro Kimura said it best in a 2009 interview with N-Sider:

"If you have two normal people standing there, and one of them says 'I KILL YOU!' and stabs the other one, that's just sad. But if you have two little anime-cartoon cute guys, and one of them says [high-pitched voice] 'I KILL YOU!' and stabs the other one, it's serious, but it's really funny. It's the opposite of real people in games doing corny, goofy things... we have little goofy guys doing very serious things."

This PC release features updated visuals, and Steam-specific features like Achievements and Steam Trading Cards that can reward players with badges, background images and emoticons.

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Little King's Story's PC version will typically cost £18.99 / €22.99 / $24.99, but there will be a 10 per cent discount at launch. It will be available on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store.

Former Eurogamer deputy editor Ellie Gibson highly recommended Little King's Story upon its 2009 launch. "It's the best game I've played all year, and that includes Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad," she wrote in her Little King's Story review. "It's charming, engrossing and just plain fun."