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SimBin's Race Injection out in UK next year

In parts of Europe this month.

Race Injection, the updated version of SimBin Studios' Race 07, launches in the UK, Iberica and Benelux early next year on PC.

Elsewhere in Europe it launches in shops and online on 18th November, Namco Bandai Partners has announced.

Namco Bandai will handle European digital distribution, with the exception of Steam and RaceRoom Online.

Race Injection includes content from five Race 07 expansions: Formula RaceRoom, WTCC 2010, STCC The Game 2, GT Power and the Retro expansion.

It adds 23 cars and nine tracks, for a total of 83 individual car models in 43 classes, with over 450 skins, and over 40 tracks with over 60 different track configurations.

The game integrates with RaceRoom online, which features leaderboards and competitions. It supports multiplayer for up to 25 players online, and ghost racing.

SimBin is the Swedish developer behind the GTR series and Race Pro.

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