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Game devs' favourite is Baldur's Gate

Says World Gaming Executives network.

A 1000 developers have voted Baldur's Gate as their favourite all-time game, the World Gaming Executives network has announced.

BioWare's seminal RPG beat the Diablo series (second) and the Curse of Monkey Island series (third) to the crown.

Shadow of the Colossus (fourth), the Mass Effect series (fifth), Batman: Arkham Asylum (sixth), StarCraft (seventh), The Legend of Zelda (eighth), EverQuest (ninth) and Devil May Cry (10th) followed.

From 11 to 20, the list read: Tomb Raider series (11th), BioShock (12th), Metal Gear Solid (13th), World of Warcraft (14th), Deus Ex (15th), Super Mario series (16th), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (17th), Silent Hill (18th), Assassin's Creed (19th), Deadspace (20th).

Presumably more than one of those entries refers to a series of games.

The World Gaming Executives network polled its members to produce a top 20 all-time favourites list for its debut issue of the WGE magazine, which is out now and free to read.

The World Gaming Executives network has been around for four years, apparently, and comprises some 30,000 members.

We had a glimpse at the member directory and managed to pick out only Secret World maker Funcom and Alan Wake maker Remedy as household names. Nevertheless, UK dev/pub associations UKIE and Tiga were both present.

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