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EverQuest 2 goes free-to-play next month

SOE details restructuring for MMO veteran.

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EverQuest 2 goes fully free-to-play in early December, Sony Online Entertainment has announced.

A lengthy open letter from producer Dave Georgeson published on the game's official site explained that servers from both the traditionally structured EverQuest 2 and free-to-play EverQuest 2 Extended are to be merged into one under a single membership system.

You'll no longer have to pay to install the game and all content up to and including the Sentinel's Fate expansion will be free to download.

There will be three different tiers of player. Gold members get access to all aspects of the game for $14.99 a month.

Silver, which requires a one-off $5.00 payment, lets you choose from four races and eight classes - with more purchasable - and places limited restrictions on various other aspects of the game.

Free - formerly known as Bronze - adds further limitations that you'll need to pay to unlock.

For more details, see SOE's payment breakdown plan.

"We've listened to your concerns about the complexity of the subscription structure, how the separate forums between EQII and EQ2X divide the community unnecessarily, that the Live Gamer servers are under-populated, and that many people want more flexibility with payment options so they can better manage their personal budgets," wrote Georgeson.

"We believe the key to meeting your expectations is to provide more flexibility and to deliver what you want when you want it, whether it's basic game content, full subscription access to the game, or something in-between."

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