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"Significant" Battlefield 3 PC update due this week

Console patches to follow shortly after.

A "significant" Battlefield 3 update launches this week.

A console patch, which is in certification with Sony and Microsoft, launches shortly after.

The PC patch improves polish, stability, weapons balancing, squad control functionality, user interface enhancements and "several feature enhancements that address feedback the community has provided to date", DICE wrote on the Battlefield 3 blog. DICE will also remove "negative mouse acceleration".

DICE said it is continuing to analyse date to help ban and wipe the stats of those found cheating and boosting. The Swedish developer advised those who suspect players of unsportsmanlike conduct to click the warning sign next to their profile name in Battlelog or report the issue at the EA Help Desk.

"These leads will enable us to follow up on the report," DICE said.

Earlier this month DICE discussed the aspects of Battlefield 3 it is investigating.

DICE will tweak the tactical light attachment - used to blind enemy players. The brightness of the light will remain untouched, but its range will be reduced. Up close, the light will continue to be as effective as it is, but at a distance it will be less effective.

DICE is also looking into the mobile AA vehicles, which some players believe are too effective against jets and helicopters because they easily knock flying vehicles off their flight path and force a crash. The jets may see a change to help balance them better against ground vehicles, which can be easily repaired.