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Heavy Rain: Director's Cut announced

DLC, soundtrack and bonus content bundled in.

Heavy Rain: Director's Cut launches in the US for PlayStation 3 on 8th November, Sony has announced.

As well as the original game, the re-release includes the following extras, as listed on the PlayStation Blog:

  • Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode 1 - The Taxidermist DLC
  • Original videogame score by award-winning film and television composer, Normand Corbeil (16 tracks)
  • New front-end menu and interface with built-in Move support
  • A series of eight "Making of" Bonus Videos
  • Three Dynamic Themes (Heavy Rain, Heavy Rain ARI Forest, Heavy Rain ARI Mars)
  • 15 additional pieces of new concept art
  • Two bonus trailers (Thank You trailer, Love trailer)

We're chasing Sony Europe now to see if a UK release is planned.

Quantic Dream's crime drama originally launched back in 2009, picking up a 9/10 from Eurogamer. Tom Bramwell's Heavy Rain review has the details.