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New Dizzy game is an iOS port - report

Original developer updating Prince of the Yolkfolk.

It looks like the new Dizzy game Codemasters teased this morning is in fact an iOS port of 1991 effort Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk.

In a post dating back to July, a member of the Yolkfolk forum claimed that Paul Ransom, founder of now-defunct Dizzy developer Big Red Software, had told them he was working on an iOS version of the sixth game in the classic platforming series at his new Slam Productions outfit.

"It's going to be a proper port rather than emulation with 32 bit graphics and some updates (the ghetto blasters are now mp3 players) and it's virtually finished, it just needs Codemasters to give it the ok," wrote the poster.

The source added that it will feature virtual thumbstick controls and that an Android version is also planned.

Slam's CV includes Wii and DS games based on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Telly Addicts, Golden Balls and Family Fortunes.

Codemasters is expected to make a formal announcement tomorrow as to exactly what it has planned.