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3DS, Kinect dominate kids' Christmas wishlist

But teenagers and adults more interested in iPad, Kindle.

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A quarter of US kids aged between six and 12 want a 3DS this Christmas, making it the most desired dedicated games console on the market among pre-teens, according to a recent survey.

The new Nielsen poll claims that 25 per cent of the six to 12 demographic are interested in buying Nintendo's new handheld in the next six months.

The iPad came top with 44 per cent, with the iPod on 30 per cent, the iPhone 27 per cent and a computer at 25 per cent.

Gaming systems ranked as follows:

  • 3DS: 25 per cent
  • Kinect: 23 per cent
  • DS: 22 per cent
  • PlayStation 3: 17 per cent
  • Xbox 360: 16 per cent
  • Wii: 11 per cent
  • PlayStation Move: 10 per cent
  • PSP: 10 per cent

However, the results for the 13 and above age group were markedly different. The iPad, computers and e-readers topped the list, with dedicate gaming systems proving much less popular.

Kinect was the most coveted at 12 per cent, while the 3DS was at five per cent, beating only the PSP.

  • Kinect: 12 per cent
  • Wii: 9 per cent
  • PlayStation 3: 9 per cent
  • Xbox 360: 8 per cent
  • PlayStation Move: 5 per cent
  • DS: 5 per cent
  • 3DS: 5 per cent
  • PSP: 3 per cent

The survey was conducted among a "general population sample" of around 3000 people.

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