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Petition asks Obama to destroy all copies of Skyrim

UPDATE: Satirical website Christwire at work.

UPDATE: The petition reported below is in fact the work of satirical website Christwire. It was a joke and we fell for it. Sorry guys!

ORIGINAL STORY: A concerned US citizen has petitioned The White House to destroy all copies of Bethesda's acclaimed RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and prosecute anyone caught playing it.

As reported by Kotaku, one B Stephenson of Tennessee submitted the following list of demands to The White House's We The People site:

We petition the Obama administration to: Immediately Ban the Deadly Videogame Known as 'SkyRim' for The Safety of America's Youths.

"Whereas videogaming has proven to cause social, ethical and health problems in people of all ages,

"Whereas sexual perversion and homosexuality are threatening to destroy the Christian foundations on which this nation was built,

"Whereas a new video game has just been created that far exceeds any others in the psychological and spiritual damage it does to teens,

"We, the American people, today ask you,

  1. To enact an immediate ban on the videogame known as 'SkyRim' produced by Blizzard Entertainment.
  2. To seize and destroy all copies already in public hands and erase its presence on the internet.
  3. To prosecute the players of 'SkyRim' to the fullest extent of the law.
  4. To create a national database of videogame avatars and 'screen names' so that teenagers can be better monitored."

Any petition that manages to attract more than 25,000 signatures from the American public within 30 days of publication will garner an official response from the administration.

The Skyrim petition currently boasts ten.

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