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Uncharted 3 aiming controls to be patched

Naughty Dog responds to user feedback.

An upcoming Uncharted 3 patch will offer a fix for those unhappy with the game's refined aiming controls.

According to GiantBomb, the update offers the option of toggling between the new controls and a set-up more in line with that found in Uncharted 2.

As reported earlier this month, developer Naughty Dog invited fans to the studio to talk through their concerns surrounding the controversial new aiming controls. The patch, which is currently without a release date, is a direct response to that meeting.

"We showed them a before and after without telling them which one was changed to see how they liked these alternate settings that our programmer had come up with," explained community manager Arne Meyer.

"As part of that process, we iterated on what the feedback was and we were making changes on the fly, and changing different things from what we originally changed to get the right feel for the aiming."