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Skyrim players call for PS3 save file bug fix

Big save files causing lag.

PlayStation 3 owners have called on Bethesda to fix a bug currently making their version of Skyrim unplayable for some.

Gamers on Bethesda's forum, Eurogamer and Reddit have reported a bug that occurs when save files exceed a certain size, currently pegged at around 6MB.

After that point, the PS3 version suffers from lag and, according to some players, eventually becomes unplayable.

GamesIndustry.biz senior staff writer Dan Pearson, who has played the PlayStation 3 version of Skyrim extensively, has confirmed the bug.

Gamers have found restarting the game and resetting the timer temporarily fixes the problem, but as the game is played the issue returns.

This is a problem previous Bethesda games, including Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, have suffered from, although in a less severe fashion. It was also noted by Digital Foundry, which is looking into the issue, in its Skyrim Face-Off.

Yesterday Bethesda confirmed it was working on a Skyrim update for all three versions of the game.

"We are continuing to work on an update for all platforms to address issues any bugs and perf issues we can," Bethesda PR and marketing boss Pete Hines said.

Hines advised players who have encountered problems to report them using a form on Bethesda's website.

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