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Activision: Call of Duty Elite status improving

Premium members placed "at the head of the line".

Call of Duty Elite, which has for many Modern Warfare 3 players been inaccessible since launch, is improving, Activision has insisted.

"We've made a lot of progress in the last couple days, and are seeing greater numbers of users accessing the service and engaging with it," read a post on the Call of Duty Elite status page.

Activision studio Beachhead, which designed Elite, has this week increased scale and capacity "significantly". All premium and Founder members should at this time have full access to the service. Activision is increasing the flow of free users on a daily basis, it said.

"While we've placed the premium members at the head of the line, so to speak, it's important to know that we're doing all we can to get as many free users into the service as well."

Those in Elite should see more features come online, including seeing players wearing their Elite and Founders emblems and titles in MW3 game lobbies.

Not all users have seen their Double XP bonus activated, however. "We know we have more work to do to ensure that all users see this progress, and we're on it."

Clans were recently activated - 22,000 were created in just 12 hours. The iOS client will launch on iTunes before the end of the month, as will the Android app.

"As we've mentioned before, we'll launch the mobile apps when we're sure the service will be able to handle the extra traffic they will likely generate."

The Program Guide should now be visible, and the calendar populated with scheduled events and Operations for next week. Call of Duty Elite TV will debut the first episode of Friday Night Fights next Friday, 25th November.

"We know we have more work to do to provide all users with access to all of Elite at any time, and that's our goal over the coming weeks," Activision concluded.

"We're making progress and we are seeing the number of users actively participating continue to grow. We appreciate your patience as we work through these growing pains."

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