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Gunstringer dev: Kinect was "fun ride"

But future Kinect games will "depend on the idea".

The Gunstringer developer Twisted Pixel Games has no plans to become a Kinect-exclusive developer despite the studio's recent buyout by Microsoft.

While Kinect game The Gunstringer was "a fun ride", whether Twisted Pixel will continue to develop for Microsoft's motion-sensing camera will have to "depend on the idea", chief creative officer Josh Bear told Gamasutra.

"What we don't want to do is make something for Kinect just to make it, it has to make sense for the game," Bear said. "I think Microsoft understands that as well and wants to make sure Kinect experiences are vastly different than what you could do with a controller."

Despite making a name for itself with downloadable releases The Maw, 'Splosion Man and Comic Jumper, Twisted Pixel hinted its next release could be another retail release.

"We obviously have a great deal of love for downloadable XBLA releases," Bear commented, "but I think what you will see from us in the future are just great games regardless of the distribution method."

"Microsoft has been great about letting us fit in where we need to, which I think was shown with The Gunstringer which was originally XBLA, but turned into a retail title later in development."

But despite now being owned by Microsoft, Bear insists Twisted Pixel still maintains its indie spirit.

"Honestly, I think that spirit is stronger today than it was even when we started," he answered. "I think that will be shown to an even greater degree once we unveil the next projects that we are working on - they are definitely 'out there' ideas in a really good way."