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New DLC incoming for The Gunstringer

Eccentric Kinect effort gets $29.99 Games on Demand release.

Oddball Kinect romp The Gunstringer gets a fresh batch of downloadable content today, developer Twisted Pixel has announced.

Titled El Diablo's 'Merican Adventure, it adds four new levels featuring new protagonist El Diablo. The announcement blurb promises "hang-gliding airmen, gun-toting brothel babes and angry bandits dug in deeper than Alabama ticks."

It's available now priced at 240 Microsoft Points.

Twisted Pixel also announced a Games on Demand release for its undead marionette cowboy shooter. You can download the full game now for your regional equivalent of $29.99.

Worth it? Eurogamer's The Gunstringer review suggests you might what to think twice.

"It's short, shallow and repetitive, and where humour might elevate the experience, the pointless and clunky motion controls drag it down again," read Dan Whitehead's 4/10 critique.

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