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The Gunstringer demo out now

Try out Twisted Pixel's Kinect shooter.

A demo for oddball Kinect shooter The Gunstringer is up for download on Xbox Live now.

The full game, which sees you controlling a skeletal cowboy marionette as he blasts his way across the Old West, hits stores on 16th September at a budget price of £29.99.

Eurogamer's Christian Donlan went hands-on with the 'Splosion Man studio's latest earlier this year and came away with a smile on his face.

"The Gunstringer's doesn't aim to be the most taxing arcade shooter you've ever played, but it should provide a pleasant teeth-rattling ramble all the same," read his Gunstringer preview.

If that's not impetus enough to open your wallet, perhaps Microsoft's recent announcement that it's including a free download voucher for Fruit Ninja Kinect with every copy might do the job.

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The Gunstringer

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