The Gunstringer

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New DLC incoming for The Gunstringer

Eccentric Kinect effort gets $29.99 Games on Demand release.

Oddball Kinect romp The Gunstringer gets a fresh batch of downloadable content today, developer Twisted Pixel has announced.

Gunstringer dev: Kinect was "fun ride"

But future Kinect games will "depend on the idea".

The Gunstringer developer Twisted Pixel Games has no plans to become a Kinect-exclusive developer despite the studio's recent buyout by Microsoft.

The Gunstringer

The Gunstringer

Hang 'em high.

Twisted Pixel is one of the few developers capable of making games that are funny. Not just games with a few jokes in the cut-scenes, but games that play around with the nuts and bolts of the medium itself and are genuinely, inventively funny as a result. When it comes to real comedy in games, there's Twisted Pixel, there's Double Fine, and... well, that's about it.

The Gunstringer is the studio's first Kinect title and also its first retail offering after several years of brightening up Xbox Live Arcade with titles such as The Maw, 'Splosion Man and Comic Jumper. It never quite matches the lunatic heights of some of its predecessors, but there's still amusement to be found. Sadly, that doesn't include the game itself.

Cast as a skeletal outlaw, you rise from your grave as a marionette puppet and set about tracking down your treacherous former gang members in a makeshift world of cotton-reel horses and paper cut-out civilians. The action is framed as a stage show and periodically cuts back to reaction shots of the live-action audience as they gasp and applaud at your antics.

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Out This Week - 16/09/11

Trackmania! Gunstringer! God of War! Splinter Cell!

With the season's initial surge of big hitters - the likes of Deus Ex, Driver and Space Marine - already nestled in the charts, it's time to take a breather.

The Gunstringer release date announced

The Gunstringer release date announced

Fruit Ninja Kinect bundled in for free.

Colourful Kinect marionette shooter The Gunstringer arrives in UK stores on 16th September, developer Twisted Pixel has announced.

If the budget 29.99 price tag isn't enough to encourage you to take the plunge, publisher Microsoft Game Studios has decided to bundle in a voucher for Xbox Live Arcade offering Fruit Ninja Kinect to further sweeten the deal.

And that's not all. You'll also snag access to a free Gunstringer DLC pack called The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles.

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The Gunstringer

Super Marionette World.

I have reasons to suspect that Twisted Pixel may be an uncommonly classy studio. Alongside the fact the team's quietly worked from the depths of contract development all the way up to making lovely original games like 'Splosion Man, it's also dealt rather elegantly with prickly issues such as hit-and-run iPhone clones released by major publishers. Now it's dealt rather elegantly with Kinect, too, creating a rough-housing arcade shooter that boasts among many delightful features the ability to play it sitting down. Go, Texas.

Twisted Pixel announces The Gunstringer

Twisted Pixel announces The Gunstringer

'Splosion Man dev's next is Kinect-only.

'Splosion Man developer Twisted Pixel has formally taken the wraps off The Gunstringer, its eccentric new Kinect exclusive.

According to a post from lead designer Dean Teasdale on the game's official site, "The Gunstringer is a Kinect game where you get to marionette a kick-ass undead cowboy puppet through action packed stage performances. Everything is set as if it's an actual play performance, complete with hand crafted 'actors' and props.

"Through a bunch of on stage performances, you get to marionette the Gunstringer through an awesome western themed revenge story filled with action, drama, and mildly creepy puppet love."

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