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Wii U to support two tablet controllers - report

Nintendo upgrading hardware from E3 design.

Nintendo is planning for its upcoming Wii U console to support two tablet controllers, a new report suggests.

The console was first demoed at E3 this year with only one touch-screen tablet available while extra players used a Wii Remote Plus.

Nintendo engineers are now preparing the console to support a second tablet. Although, if achieved, two will likely be the limit, an unnamed "trusted game development executive" has confirmed to Develop.

The Wii U's processor speed and RAM capacity are also still to be locked down.

Nintendo are apparently implementing the changes after feedback from the Wii U's initial E3 showing.

"Nintendo now know they absolutely need to support two tablets," Develop's source explained. "At E3 they didn't commit to this, but they know how important it is to make it technically feasible to support two screens."

"Even if that affects framerate, as a developer and player, I don't care. It needs to work. Developers will design appropriate games for this. If you're building a quiz game you're not going to give a s*** about the framerate."

Nintendo has remained coy on the idea of more than one Wii U controller per console. "Our basic premise is that you can use one [Wii U controller] with a system," Miyamoto stated at E3 last year. "If we got to an idea of having multiple controllers it might just be more convenient for people to use their Nintendo 3DS."

Nintendo previously confirmed that the console's final form will be revealed at E3 2012 with a launch expected by the end of that year.