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Final Fantasy 13-2 PS3/360 performance gap "a lot smaller"

Both versions "should be the same".

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The performance gap between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of forthcoming Square Enix RPG Final Fantasy 13-2 should be significantly smaller than it was with its predecessor, according to the game's producer.

Yoshinori Kitase told Eurogamer that the development team has worked to make the two games as similar as possible.

"Technically speaking there must be some kind of difference there I'd imagine," he explained. "But when it comes to how the game looks they should be the same.

"With 13 we were aware there was a difference. Anyone can notice it. Obviously there is Blu-ray media on PS3 so particularly in movie scenes, because of the compression rate differences, you could see a slight difference between the two version.

"With 13-2 we've been trying to make the most of the movie scenes with real-time rendering so that the gap between the two is a lot smaller."

Kitase added that both versions will also feature identical game content.

"If we include any specific original features in one of the platforms obviously that wouldn't be fair to the users of the other console. You should be able to enjoy the game exactly to the same extent."

The gaping performance gap between the two console SKUs of Final Fantasy 13 was widely documented on release, with the Xbox 360 version falling well short of the PlayStation 3 version.

"Final Fantasy 13 on Xbox 360 isn't anywhere near as impressive as it is on PlayStation 3," read Digital Foundry's analysis. "The real kicker is that it's a lot worse than it should have been."

For more on the sequel, due out early next year, head on over to Eurogamer's Final Fantasy 13-2 preview.

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