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Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta open to all

Get your Drake on.

Sony has thrown the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multiplayer beta open to everybody following a period of closed testing.

That means that you can rock it up across four maps - The Ice Cave, The Temple, The Village and The Plaza - in a range of multiplayer modes until the beta ends on 12th October.

The full game, which picked up a 10/10 review on Eurogamer last night, is due out in the States on 13th October and in Europe on 16th October.

The multiplayer beta also includes access to Machinima mode, where you can create movies to watch in the separate Cinema mode, which records all your online matches and allows you to upload them to the internet.

There's also a Store for unlocking items like skins, boosters (perks) and taunts, along with weapon upgrades for the co-operative levels, of which the beta also includes one sample section.

The full game has additional gameplay modes and some other maps. And one of the best single-player campaigns we've played all year, before we forget.

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