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LOTRO: Mirkwood in December

Free with renewals or account upgrades.

Turbine has announced that it will release the Siege of Mirkwood digital mini-expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online on 1st December.

The download costs US $19.99 and includes a new adventuring zone, a raised level cap, the Skirmishes system for co-op scenarios and more.

Turbine also revealed that it would sell an account upgrade called the Adventurer's Pack, also for $19.99. This includes shared storage space for your characters, two additional character slots on each LOTRO server, a special mount and a cloak that gives a boost to run speed.

Lifetime LOTRO subscribers can get Siege of Mirkwood for free with an "early upgrade" to the Adventurer's Pack. Lapsed players can get the expansion for free if they renew their subscriptions before Ocotber 31st, and regular subscribers if they upgrade to a multi-month payment plan before that date.

At present, all these details only apply to North American players. We'll seek clarification on European release plans from local operator Codemasters - but we'd expect them to be similar if not the same.