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First Crackdown 2 info surfaces

4-player co-op! Deathmatch! Helicopters.

US magazine Game Informer has exclusively revealed the first detail on Crackdown 2, Microsoft's Xbox 360 action sequel in development at Ruffian Games, a splinter of original studio Realtime Worlds.

The game will feature four-player co-op, an all-new 16-player competitive multiplayer mode, two enemy factions, underground areas, new abilities and weapons. IGN has the details.

The original's Pacific City is back, but dramatically changed by a viral outbreak that turns its citizens into bloodthirsty creatures, especially at night. The Agency has retreated to its high-tech tower once more, and a new underground group called the Cell, described as similar to a Mad Max gang, has sprung up. There will be underground areas, your influence on events will be evident across the city, and missions are said to be more varied.

You'll advance your character in the same five skills, but each will unlock new abilities: a dash attack for agility, a helicopter for driving, for example. New weapons include a UV shotgun that fires light and a magnetic grenade.

Competitive multiplayer will feature a new, more skilful aiming system (presumably minus the lock-on) and - according to CVG - a "Call of Duty 4-style progression system".

Crackdown 2 is due out next year.

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