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Ultima Online welcoming old players back

Two free weeks to enjoy vintage MMO.

EA and Mythic are offering anyone who's ever played Ultima Online a chance to revisit the vintage MMORPG for free, with unlimited game time, between now and 16th October.

As part of the Return to Britannia campaign, celebrating the game's 12th birthday - yes, 12 years in operation - closed accounts in good standing have been reactivated. You can simply download the client and log in using your original user name and password. Try EA customer support if you can't remember your details.

You'll get all the content up to and including seventh expansion Mondain's Legacy. If you find yourself sucked back in, you have the option of paying to download the eighth expansion, Stygian Abyss, which launched earlier this month with the new Gargoyle race and a gigantic underworld dungeon.

For an idea of what Ultima Online is like to play today, check out our revisit from earlier this year.