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Ultima and DAOC barge into April Steam Greenlight list

Prepare my Garriott!

How odd to see vintage online worlds Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online make the April Steam Greenlight selection, among 73 others.

They've both existed for more than a decade, although now, under EA's stewardship - and all those years later - they're quite different to what they originally were. Need they really be there?

The original creators have since moved on to other things, of course, Richard Garriott crowd-funding an RPG called Shroud of the Avatar, a kind of spiritual successor to Ultima.

Meanwhile one former Dark Age of Camelot leader, Matt Firor, led development of The Elder Scrolls Online, which launched recently; and the other DAOC leader, Mark Jacobs, crowd-funded an MMO very much inspired by his old one. It's called Camelot Unchained.

Among the other games voted for by the community for release on Steam are Prisonscape, the prison RPG still trying to raise an ambitious amount on Kickstarter, and a game called Dragon, which has an unfussy, captivating motto: "Dragons are the greatest fantasy creature of all time."

Ah, memories.Watch on YouTube