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Game Informer teases Epic Mickey reveal

Spector's Disney opus headlining next month.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

According to some heavy hints in the latest issue of US magazine Game Informer, Warren Spector's Mickey Mouse game will be revealed in next month's issue - and its "Epic Mickey" codename might just end up as its official title.

"Something epic is brewing," reads the teaser ad, snapped by Superannuation. A magazine redesign and webiste relaunch of "epic proportions" are promised, "and the star of the show is someone you might just know". The Disney mascot's unmistakeable silhouette can be seen on a preview of the magazine's cover.

Epic Mickey has been bandied about as the codename for a game in development at Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios, owned by Disney. According to some leaked concept art, it will offer a surprisingly dark, steampunk-style take on Mickey Mouse's world. There are suggestions that it will be a Wii exclusive.

We could not be more excited about this. Check out our recent round-up of the rumours to find out why.

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