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PAX succumbs to swine flu outbreak

"Perfect" conditions, say organisers.

Penny Arcade Expo organisers have confirmed cases of swine flu at last weekend's event.

"We Just heard of our first test-confirmed swine flu case at the show. Please if you feel symptoms (fever, etc) call your doctor," urges Gabe on the Penny Arcade website. A list of flights carrying infected humans can be found there.

Penny Arcade's Robert Khoo told Kotaku the outbreak was started by a Boston-based game developer who had a doctor-confirmed case of the H1N1 virus, which we call swine flu.

"This is the real thing," said Khoo. "If you get this number of people together in this close a proximity it is the perfect storm for these kind of wild fire virus spreads."

"We just want to make sure everyone is informed."

Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell was among the 60,000 who attended PAX and like the majority, he's fine. Just swill.

Please, if you're not feeling fine, head over to the NHS swine flu website for more information.

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