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Full Super Star Wars series for VC

Plus: arcade Golden Axe tomorrow.

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Tomorrow's Wii and DS online refresher will be all about Star Wars, led by the addition of SNES game Super Star Wars to the Virtual Console store.

That game costs 800 Wii Points (approx £5.60/€8) and will be joined by SSW The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi - as well as other LucasArts clasósics - over the coming weeks. Star Wars fever will spread to Mii and Everybody Votes Channels, too.

Also on Virtual Console tomorrow will be Golden Axe, the arcade version, for 900 Wii Points (approx £6.30/€9).

On WiiWare, meanwhile, will be Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 1 - a brain trainer for kids aged between three and six that haven't grasped reading properly. PooYoos costs 500 Wii Points (approx £3.50/€5): take it out of their piggy bank.

Finally, on DSiWare, will be MySims Camera, an application for 200 DSi Points (approx £1.80/€2). This offers the MySims characters as overlays for real pictures. You can animate them and manipulate them any way you like.

Also, the first Flipnote Studio animation by Wallace and Gromit animator Tim Ruffle - dubbed "The Sandwich Twins" - will be available tomorrow. This can be downloaded or watched on the Flipnote website.

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