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Nadeo announces TrackMania 2 for PC

Due out in 2010.

Nadeo has announced TrackMania 2 for PC at the Paris Games Festival.

According to reports from the show (thanks Blue) and YouTube footage of the announcement, it's due out in 2010.

The section shown was from the Valley environment - reportedly one of three tilesets - and despite an impressive degree of visual fidelity the target computer for the game is one that can run the existing TrackMania Nations Forever.

Apparently the track editor now allows you to create geometry and textures from scratch, and away from that there are four gameplay modes - cup, championship, team and co-operative - with split-screen support included.

TrackMania first made its name just over five years ago with its brilliant combination of instant-reset checkpoint racing and tracks that you often had to finish designing yourself in order to find the optimum route to the target time.

It's gone through several iterations since, including the excellent TrackMania Sunrise, which introduced Platform mode, and has also made its way to Nintendo DS in surprisingly solid form. We rub it.