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ZeniMax files to protect Prey

id Software's new owner has IP.

ZeniMax, id Software's new parent, has taken control of the Prey licence according to various trademark sightings.

The US Patent & Trademark Office shows the IP changing hands from 3D Realms to Radar back in June, before transferring to ZeniMax a few weeks later, according to Gamasutra.

In a trademark filed last week (spotted by Superannuation), ZeniMax has secured the IP when relating to "motion picture films in the field of science fiction", PC and console games, and downloadable software - both for PC and "wireless devices".

Human Head eventually finished work on a Prey game for PC and Xbox 360 three years ago after a long an tumultuous development, which began in one way or another back in 1995. (Update: As some of you have noted, this story originally claimed the studio then closed, citing an article about a fire as proof. Bonkers. This was an error and Human Head lives on.)

Licence-owner Radar Group - a brand management company lead by 3D Realms' Scott Miller - announced Prey 2 in March last year. What will become of that game remains to be seen.

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