Prey 2


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Staff join Bethesda as part of new studio Roundhouse.

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Star Wars! Snow White! Prey 2! Warhammer 40K! "There's tons of them."

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"I would hope, if nothing else, that Bethesda is known for being willing to do things that other folks won't."

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Prey 2 still alive

But not out this year.

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Prey 2 cancelled - report

Bethesda FPS rumoured to have been shut down.

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Final part of the cinematic dissected.

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Carrion and have a look.

Video | Prey 2 cinematic dissected

Developer discusses stunning trailer.

Carmack keynote confirmed for QuakeCon

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Open, alien world shooter teased.

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"More games should focus on single-player."

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Portals, gravity shifts dropped for Prey 2

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"It wasn't really an option."

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What will Human Head altar?

ZeniMax files to protect Prey

id Software's new owner has IP.

Prey coming to iPhone

Sci-fi shooter due within weeks.

No Prey 2 for PS3, says Radar Group

Human Head helping to develop.

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Has Creed-like game, too.